Everything You Need to Know About TruVision Weight Loss

TruVision weight loss is a special formula designed specifically for people looking to shed extra pounds. The combo consists primarily of TruFix and TruControl. The two products work in a unique way to tackle several weight loss challenges. They are available in capsules form and come in different colors; blue for TruFix and orange for TruControl. You should take two pills twice a day.

Both capsules work together to bring about natural and gradual weight loss effects that you desire. Their unique functions and responsibilities are to:  

  • Enhance body metabolism   
  • Decrease appetite   
  • Increase energy levels    
  • Reduce emotional eating by improving mood   
  • Reduce food cravings    
  • Promote healthy blood sugar and burn stubborn fat   
  • Increase satiety which makes you stay full for longer periods

The unique effects highlighted above are a result of ingredients in TruVision weight loss capsules.

Ingredients of TruFix 

  • Raspberry Ketones: These are enzymes derived from raspberry. They help control metabolic activities in the body thus; facilitate major weight loss and fat reduction processes. Raspberry ketones also do a great work in preventing plaque build- up in the arteries.    
  • Zinc: It boosts immunity. You can prevent several diseases including those associated with the eye by simply adding zinc to your weight loss diet.    
  • Green tea: It is most effective when working against the body’s adipose tissues, hence helping you lose weight in a simplistic and natural way. It also slows aging and lowers blood pressure. Mental clarity and improved brain functions are also by products of using green tea.    
  • Copper: The ingredient promotes the production of red blood cells, thereby preventing anemic conditions.    
  • Selenium: It aids in preventing and fighting cancer, heart disease, and aging    
  • Vanadium Chelate: This works towards regulating blood sugar by boosting insulin amounts.  
  • Cinnamon bark extract: It is responsible for providing polyphenols, which are instrumental in weight loss processes. Cinnamon plays a crucial role in the management of blood sugar, control of body weight, and slowing down aging. It also improves the absorption of anti-oxidants and lowers blood pressure.    
  • Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA): The human body produces ALA to aid in the conversion of glucose to energy. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to eliminate harmful radicals in the body. It controls blood sugar, prevents cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, and impaired brain function.    
  • Magnesium Oxide: It boosts biochemical functions and prevents calcium loss.

Other ingredients present in TruVision weight loss pills include: Gelatin capsule, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, cellulose, titanium dioxide, and erythrosine.

TruControl Ingredients

TruControl’s special ingredients boost energy levels in the body. Increased energy levels mean a higher metabolism rate, which in turn facilitates fat burning. Some of TruControl ingredients include:    

  • Green Tea: This active ingredient functions to maintain your body weight. Other benefits of green tea include increased blood oxygenation, improved fat oxygenation, oxygen, modulation and other effects that improve your overall health.     
  • Cocoa powder: It is a good metabolism booster and an effective weight loss ingredient. The powder also contains vitamins such as theobromin, which is an effective mood enhancer.    
  • Octodrine: It elevates your energy levels for productive weight loss programs.   
  • Caffeine:TruVision weight loss pill contains a little amount of caffeine, which is responsible for activating other weight loss ingredients.   
  • KinetiQ: This extract contains citrus aurantium that facilitates breakdown of fats. It also helps in the buildup of lean muscle mass.   
  • Theacrine: It boosts your immunity and energizes your system.    
  • Evodiamine: This component improves metabolism to allow you shed pounds.   
  • Bioperine: It stimulates the absorption of inactive compounds into the body to increase energy stored up.    
  • Ferrous fumarate: It provides you with useful iron.   
  • Hordinine HCL: This is a naturally occurring phenethylamine that encourages higher metabolism rate like many other TruControl ingredients.    
  • Vitamin B6: The fat reduction property of this vitamin makes it an essential ingredient in Truvision weight loss pills.

Other ingredients in TruControl include: Yohimbine HCL, Microcrystalline cellulose,  Dendrobium, Flo Guard, Magnesium Stearate, and Embo Cap R.

Truvision weight loss supplements present a viable option when it comes to losing weight and improving your overall well-being.

If you have not tried this brand, it is time to have a personal experience. Be hopeful that it will go a long way in assisting you shed excess pounds, build lean muscles, and achieve a physique you are confident with.  Remember to be patient with the products. Otherwise, you will only be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself for no good reason.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

Gone are the days when cannabis was considered illegal in all aspects. This product continues to gain popularity and legality across the entire world. However, in as much as countries are embracing cannabis, people cannot help but question its functionality.  

CBD vape oil is a product of the cannabis plant. Before vaping it, it is important to understand how to use it to ensure your safety. Well, some people are reluctant to using the oil because of its association with marijuana. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about. Here is why. The cannabis plant exits in three species sativa, ruderalis, and indica. Cannabis sativa provides hemp (CBD) and marijuana. However, they vary in composition.  

The Difference between CBD and Marijuana  

CBD stands for cannabinoid. CBD and marijuana vary in terms of chemical composition. With marijuana, it contains high amounts of THC, a component that causes users to feel ‘high’ and hallucinate. It could lead to distorted perception and mood changes as well. CBD does not have the psychoactive element that alters your mind. It does not make you feel high in any way.  

Naturally, the human body benefits from cannabinoids. Therefore, if you can boost its levels through vaping CBD oil, you are offering your system something good. THC alters your endocannabinoid system by inhibiting its proper functioning.   

CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant. Its benefits include regulating hormones, reducing pain and inflammation, helping with epilepsy, promoting bone development, and preventing plaque in your arteries.  

How legal is CDB Oil? 

As a by-product of the hemp plant, CBD oil is safe for vaping. It is also usable in other forms such as tablets. The one characteristic that has made the oil acceptable in more states is the fact that it contains a minimal amount of THC. Besides, it is loaded with health benefits for consumers.  

Even so, some states have restrictions. They allow 0.2-0.3 % only of THC in any CBD oil product. If you intend to manufacture the product, make sure you check the regulations of your local area regarding THC levels in cannabidiol oil.

Identifying Quality CBD Vape Oil 

As countries continue to legalize CBD oil, the market is full of unreliable products due to the increasing demand. For this reason, it is essential to be extra careful with the products you purchase be it online or at the local store. Make sure they are manufactured in safe and healthy conditions. It is the easiest way to protect your body from unnecessary harm.  

Doing some research would help. Search the CBD oil brand online and read as much content as you can about it. It will give you piece of mind that you are purchasing something worth the money you are paying.  

The other way to know if a CBD vape oil item is safe is checking whether it undergoes self-test and has third-party certification.  

If you are not sure about how quality CBD oil looks like, it is simple. It usually has a consistent texture and lacks liquid layers.  

CBD Oil Vape Dosage 

For starters, vaping CBD oil does not require you to have a prescription. You can use the product whenever you want. Nevertheless, take it in moderate amounts. An excess of anything is never a good idea that is why doses exist. The vape comes in premeasured amounts to help you with the dosage. It also varies in concentration. The higher the concentration of CBD oil, the higher the price.  

As a beginner in vaping, you need to start with small amounts of low concentration. Later you can increase the dosage gradually depending on what your body can stand. Start with 100-250mg and you can raise the amount to as high as 400-1000mg. Gradual increments help your body adjust to new CBD oil levels in an easier way than when you instantly increase the dosage in huge amounts.   

How to Arrive at the Right CBD Oil Product for You 

Shopping for CBD vape oil does not have to be difficult. When you cannot settle on a product, it would be helpful to try different brands. Compare their performance, price, quality, and the experience they give you. Use different flavors. You can be sure at the end of it all you will be able to identify the correct product for your consumption.  

CBD vape oil has proven to have health benefits as per user reviews. If you are contemplating about using it, you have nothing to be concerned about. It is safe and does not pose any ‘high’ feeling.

An Unbiased Review of the 310 Meal Replacement Shake  

310 shake is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. Although this popular shake has been endorsed by various celebrities and it has been billed as healthy and effective, does it work and deliver significant weight loss results? Well, below is the 310 shake review which will help you to understand the functions and benefits of this meal replacement shake.  

The Creators of 310 Shake  

310 shake’s official website indicates that the company which formulates this shake was founded by Tim Sharif and Fabrizio Kirk. Sharif’s is also linked to other supplements such as Nerium, Visalus, and Xango.  

What 310 Means  

If you are curious to know why this meal replacement shake is called 310, well, this could be probably because of the where the company was founded. 310 Nutrition LLC is the manufacturer of 310 shake and it was founded in area code 310, California.  


From the 310 nutrition reviews, this meal replacement shake has 90 calories with zero fat. It also has 8g of carbs, 5g dietary fiber as well as Calcium, Vitamin A and D, Folate, Biotin, Thiamin, Phosphorus, and Folate. 310 shake reviews indicate that this supplement only provides users with about 20 percent of their daily fiber requirements.  


310 shake contain active ingredients such as Triplex protein complex, organic stevia leaf extract, monk fruit extract, fiber blend, vitamin blend, pea protein etc. Triplex contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate which help users to feel full for longer periods of time, aiding the weight loss process. 

The fiber blend which contains cellulose gum, fibersol-2, and xanthan gum is indigestible and 310 nutrition reviews state that it helps to reduce hunger pangs and food craving. 310 shake reviews show that the vitamin blend contains riboflavin, biotin, vitamin C etc. The stevia leaf extract and monk fruit extract are natural sweeteners which help to enhance the flavor of this shake. However, 310 nutrition reviews show that the numerous minerals and vitamins which this shake contains doesn’t support weight loss and their role is to ensure that the user of this meal replacement plan doesn’t end up with a deficiency of minerals and vitamins.  

Benefits of 310 Shakes 

310 Shake’s website indicates that this product is one of the best meal replacement shakes which comes with multiple functions. 310 shake offers users benefits such as: 

  • Suppressing food cravings
  • Naturally suppressing hunger
  • Boosting the body’s metabolic rate.

310 Shake reviews from users show that this gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free meal replacement shake has a great taste and it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredient hence it is safe and healthy for use by everyone who wants to lose weight.  

The Science Behind (Lack of) 310 Shake  

As one of the best meal replacement shakes, a lot of people expect this product to have a clinical backup which supports its effectiveness. However, there are no clinical studies which support 310 shake’s claims about weight loss. However, 310 shake reviews indicate that this meal replacement diet indeed helps to boost the body’s metabolism because various users have experienced an increase in metabolic rate after consuming this shake. The high fiber and protein amounts also help to curb hunger and reduce food cravings for long hours, thereby reducing calorie intake, a process that is essential for weight loss.  

Where to Buy 310 Shake  

310 Shake can be purchased almost everywhere from your local retail outlet to renowned online stores. The shake is available at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Walgreens and other similar sites. Additionally, it can be purchased from the company directly at 310Nutrition.com you can easily make an order from that website and there is even an option of one-purchase or preferred customer which comes with a monthly auto-shipment program. Purchasing this shake directly from the company has guaranteed benefits such as a 30-day return period. In case you are not satisfied with this product, the company has a policy where purchases can be returned within 30 days for a refund.  

Who is Not Supposed to Take 310 Shake  

310 shake reviews show that this meal replacement plan is suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight except: 

  • If you are breastfeeding
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have an allergy
  • If you are under any medication
  • If you are about to undergo surgery

In case of any of the above-mentioned conditions, kindly speak to your doctor first.  

So, is 310 Shake Effective? 

Well, because it is a low-calorie meal replacement shake, it will work. Subbing two meals with the low-calorie 310 shake helps to reduce the calorie intake in the body and a deficiency of calorie will automatically lead to weight loss. 310 Shake reviews show that the added natural sweeteners also make this meal replacement shake to have an amazing taste. It’s a delicious, creamy and smooth shake that has an incredible taste without any gritty texture. 310 shake doesn’t make users to not only lose weight, but the natural ingredients used to formulate it also help users to develop an active and healthier lifestyle that improves overall health.  

The Very Best Herbalife Shake

This article will break it all down for you, everything you need to know, all the research has been done, nothing is left out.

Herbalife – Who Are They ?

Herbalife is one of the worlds most well known weight loss and nutrition management companies. The company was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 in Los Angeles California and they have a vast and varied product range including;

  • Protein shakes
  • Nutritional snacks
  • Vitamins
  • Weight Loss supplements
  • Meal replacement shake
  • Energy drinks
  • Personal care products

The Herbalife product range is designed to promote health and well being, however do they really work as they are supposed to and are they healthy and will they actually assist you with your weight loss goals ?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Since its foundation in the early 80’s, the Herbalife brand has gone global, expanding into over 95 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom and Australia, this has been achieved using a chain of independent distributors.

The distributors which work independently for Herbalife around 320 million of them, are paid by taking a commission from the products they sell and from an MLM type scheme promoting the brand. 

Ingredients Used In Herbalife Products. 

As a company which promotes health and wellbeing and sells health related products, the ingredients should be good for you ? 

Let’s take a look at the five most common; 

  • Soy Protein
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Casein
  • Biotin

In relation to the above ingredients, it was quite difficult to obtain information on the Recommended Daily Allowance, which does raise some concerns.

Awards Received

Throughout its lifetime Herbalife has received a number of awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. These include Healthy Nutrition Awards, Product of the Year as well as a host of international awards in countries such as Taiwan, Russia and the Ukraine. The products which received these awards include Triple Berry Complex and Nightworks Powder Mix.

Benefits Of Using Herbalife

Some of the more popular Herbalife products include the Formula 1 weight control powder, Liftoff Pomegranate Berry and Kindermins to name but a few, with one of the best Herbalife shakes being Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake Mix.

Benefits according to the official Herbalife and
its users include;

An increase in energy levels

People lead increasingly hectic lives and if your prone to skipping meals and constantly feeling tired, Herbalife has a range of protein based supplements.

Weight Management

When used as part of a diet and exercise program Herbalife weight loss products contain a whole host of nutrients to ensure your weight stays healthy.


To aid digestion you need a good diet, Herbalife has a number of high fiber supplements to assist with digestion.

Your HeartThe are a number of products to ensure that you have good circulation, in order to keep your heart pumping.

Keep Your Stress Levels Down  

Stress can impact many areas of your life. Herbalife can offer a range of supplements to assist with relaxation and ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

Once again it’s important to stress that all these products assist with your goals and you will need to have a healthy lifestyle to really benefit from them, there is no magic pill here.

Herbalife Shakes

Just what is the best Herbalife shake ? 

Herbalife shakes are meal replacement products that can stop you from feeling hungry, assist with weight loss and give you an energy boost. The premise is that the shake will give you all the fiber, calories and vitamins that you need so you don’t need to have an actual meal itself. 

One of the more popular and best Herbalife shakes is Herbalife Formula 1 which comes in many different flavors including; 

  • Vanilla 
  • Cafe Latte
  • Pina Colada
  • Chocolate
  • Wild Berry

In fact there are 10 in flavours in all. 

Does Herbalife Work ? 

There are many millions of satisfied Herbalife customers from around the world that have claimed to have lost weight with Herbalife products, although it is impossible to say what else they were doing
to lose weight. 

Likewise as Herbalife is a massive global brand with a huge product catalog, some of the products will not be for everyone and there will be some critics. As has been mentioned any weight loss product should be part of a weight loss plan with diet and exercise to get maximum benefit. 

The best bangs for your face shape

I’ve had bangs since I was three-years-old, so when people tell me that they wish they could pull them off the way I do, I’m always a little surprised. Being that I’ve been rocking this look since I was a toddler, it hardly seems risky to me. Still, it’s a common-enough comment that now I understand that the idea of cutting face-framing fringe is an intimidating one.

According to celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin, however, anyone can “pull off” bangs, just like I’ve been saying. “Any bang looks great on anyone if it’s cut properly,” he explains. “Like a great dress, if it’s tailored in the right way, it’ll work.” The most versatile across all face shapes? The long bang, which flows into face-framing layers that can be swept to the side.

If you’re picturing something different or want to architect a look specifically tailored to your features, Mane Addicts stylist Dom Seeley suggests you start by gathering inspiration from Instagram to bring to your stylist. To aid you in narrowing this search, here, he shares his tips for finding the most flattering fringe style based on your face shape.

Keep reading to learn how not to regret cutting bangs.


Photo: Well+Good Creative


According to Seeley, oval shapes are easy, as nearly all bang styles flatter. “Blunt, straight-across bangs work great as they pack a strong style punch but can also be softened,” he says. You can even take them micro (AKA super-short), as this style is easier to pull off on oval face shapes than on any others.

If the blunt approach seems a bit severe, however, he says you can “introduce” your fringe by tapering it at the sides. “A great way to do this is by layering the bang around the face so that it blends into the haircut,” he explains. “This keeps it soft and makes it easier to grow out.”


Photo: Well+Good Creative


Since heart-shaped faces are slightly wider from the top of the cheekbone up to the peak of the forehead, Seeley says side-swept bangs are the best option. “Start the sweep just on or to the middle of the brow,” he says, keeping the length of the bangs falling around the corner of the eye. “It will be feminine and pretty, yet balance the width of the face above the cheekbones to help soften the overall look.”


Photo: Well+Good Creative


According to Seeley, those with square-shaped faces will want to avoid blunt lines and rely instead on face-framing texture. “Think of a Bardot-style bang,” he suggests, which is more about creating movement than snipping a straight line. “You want it to look tousled, so keep in mind that by wearing it slightly wavy or curly, [you’ll enhance the overall look],” he says. “It’s best to see a bit of skin on the face as it will soften all the features and open up the face in the right areas.”


Photo: Well+Good Creative


Round face shapes, Seeley says, pair best with curtain bangs or tapered hair that falls to the chin. “Part the hair just off-center, which creates a diagonal line to draw the eyes away from the roundness and make the face appear more oval.” The bangs themselves, he says, should reach to the chin or below in order to lengthen the face shape by covering the cheekbones, which tend to be the widest part of a round face shape.


Photo: Well+Good Creative


The easiest way to wear a bang if you’re oblong, Seeley says, is to have a slight A-line bang. “This will open up in the middle of your face and end mid-eye-level to create angles,” he says. According to him, it’s also best to wear these with texture, which helps to optically shorten the length of the face and add slight width to further even out the proportions.


Photo: Well+Good Creative

Pear / Triangular

A heavy rounded bang, Seeley advises, is great for this shape as it balances the proportions by adding width at the top of the face to match the bottom. “You can keep them straight across, but I think they are more flattering with the slight roundness and curvature to them,” he says. If you want to wear them longer, he suggests going longer than your brows. “I like for them to be just past the eyes,” he explains. “But soft with not too much hair added in.”

Speaking of face shapes, here’s where to part your hair in order to best flatter yours. Plus, this is exactly how often you should be seeing your stylist, bangs or not. 

How To Cook Asparagus You’ll Actually Want To Eat

If you don’t like asparagus, it’s possible you just think you don’t.

(It’s also possible you truly hate it, but let’s just give this a try, OK?)

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room. Asparagus has an unfortunate association with urine, and you may have a hard time getting past that. It’s understandable. In a cruel twist of evolution, asparagus makes all of our pee smell like asparagus, but not all of us can actually detect the scent. Those of us who can might be avoiding the vegetable entirely.

Another reason you might not like asparagus is that people cook it beyond recognition, or, worse, they don’t trim off the woody stalks. This nutritious vegetable deserves better. One serving provides you with 100 percent of your daily vitamin K requirements, and it’s also packed with vitamins A, C, E and B-6, as well as iron, copper, calcium and fiber. It treats you right, so you need to start treating it right.

Here is a guide to help ensure you eat the best asparagus of your life. Heed these tips and forget about all the bad asparagus from your past.

How To Shop For Asparagus

Avoid canned asparagus; fresh tastes infinitely better. Generally, fresh asparagus is available on the West Coast from February to May, and on the East Coast from May to June. The asparagus we find in grocery stores year-round is usually from Peru, and it’s not as good.

Make sure your spears are bright green and have tightly closed tips. (And if you’re cooking with purple or white asparagus, make sure it’s a vivid purple or a bright white.) While you’re at it, check out the root end to make sure it’s not dried out and brown.

You’ll see asparagus ranging from pencil-thin to jumbo-sized, and anywhere in between. The New York Times explains that the “thickness of the asparagus does not indicate its maturity; a thin asparagus spear does not grow into a fat one.” So how do you choose what to buy? Really, it doesn’t matter. But if you’re doing a quick sauté, thin spears will work best, whereas fatter stalks work nicely with cooking methods that apply heat to the vegetable for longer periods of time, such as roasting.

If you stick your asparagus in the crisper drawer, you’re doing it wrong. Treat asparagus like cut flowers and place it in a cup or bowl of water in the fridge, cut-side down. It’ll stay fresh for up to a week this way, if not longer.

How To Prep Asparagus

There’s nothing worse than getting a mouthful of woody asparagus stalks you can’t chew. Follow these steps, and you’ll never end up having to spit your asparagus into your napkin again.

Wash and peel it. Yes, peel it.

Asparagus comes from the ground, so you need to give it a good rinse. If you see any white, woody scales on the outside of your stalk, get out a vegetable peeler and simply peel them away until you reach the soft center.

It’s imperative that you break off the woody part of each stalk. You can do this in one of two ways.

First, you can bend each spear until it breaks easily at a natural snapping point. (Make sure your hands are near the bottom of the spear, or you risk discarding too much.) The disadvantage of this method is that it produces uneven lengths that look sloppy, and you tend to snap off more than you need to.

Alternatively, you can cut your spears with a knife. Note where the woody parts begin, and remove them.

How To Cook Asparagus

For each of the following methods, use a fork to test the doneness of your asparagus. Whether you want it crisp-tender or super soft, it’s up to you.

Roasting is our favorite way to cook asparagus, as it creates a nice caramelized flavor. With the oven set at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt on your prepared asparagus. Then bake it on a rimmed cookie sheet. (We like to line our baking sheets with aluminum foil for easy cleanup.) Roast it until crisp-tender, at least 15 minutes. Leave it in longer if you want it to turn nice and brown, around 30 minutes total.

Steaming is a quick and healthy way to cook asparagus. In a large pot fitted with a steam basket (and water below that), cook the asparagus, covered, until it turns bright green and is crisp-tender. This should take no longer than 3-5 minutes.

In a saucepan with about an inch of generously salted water, simmer the asparagus for 2-4 minutes (depending on the size of your stalks) until bright green and crisp-tender. Remove from the pot with tongs and blot dry with a paper towel.

This method is best for asparagus that you’ll be serving on a crudité platter with dips, because it allows the asparagus to retain its bright green color and its crunch. In a wide pot, boil a few inches of generously salted water and add your asparagus. Simmer for 1 minute, and then immediately plunge the spears into a bowl of ice water to halt the cooking process. Pat dry with paper towels.

Grilling produces a similar effect to roasting. Brush the asparagus with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. On a heated grill, lay the spears so that they are perpendicular to the wires on the rack (you don’t want to lose your asparagus to the coals!). Grill for roughly 7-10 minutes.

We really only recommend sautéing for thinner stalks of asparagus. Heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat, and cook your prepared asparagus stalks (with a little garlic and salt, if you’d like) for about 5-7 minutes to get a crisp-tender result.

Now take a look at some of our favorite asparagus recipes of all time, and put your new skills to work:

3 habits that make seasonal allergies worse

After months of unpredictable weather, spring is *finally* beginning to emerge. But when you suffer from seasonal allergies, the changing seasons don’t necessarily feel like a time to celebrate. Unlike some of your (lucky, dry-nosed) friends, you can’t just head to the park or sidewalk cafe—you need to first run to the drugstore.

According to board-certified allergist Neeta Ogden, MD, an allergic reaction is basically the body fighting off what it considers dangerous; those sneezes and watering eyes are the body’s immune response to being exposed to an allergen it has deemed a foreign invader. Everything from environmental factors to lifestyle habits can impact the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Ogden says.

Here’s what to watch out for.

Keep scrolling to learn what could be exacerbating your allergies.


Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio

1. Hiding inside

While it may seem like the great indoors would be the perfect place to take cover from pollen and other outdoor allergens, there are pesky allergy-inducing factors lurking inside that you need to be aware of, too. “Things like wall-to-wall carpet or fabrics like drapes can harbor allergens like dust mites and dander for years and create chronic low-lying symptoms or exacerbate existing ones,” Dr. Ogden explains. “Similarly, hidden moisture in the home like mold can do the same.”

Dr. Ogden recommends switching out drapes for blinds and removing carpet. And while you can’t exactly reno your office, she says moving to a different area in your workplace *may* help.


Your outdoor activities can affect allergies
Photo: Stocksy/Luis Velasco

2. Taking your workout outdoors

I don’t know about you, but when spring arrives, I’m thrilled to be able to run outside again. Unfortunately, outdoor activities like running, golfing, and gardening are probably contributing to your allergy symptoms. Bummer. “It’s really all about exposure,” says Dr. Ogden, adding that the allergy-prone should take caution outside during peak pollen season.

If you’d rather not abandon your outdoor pursuits (how I’ve missed you, vitamin D!), she advocates using barriers like masks, gloves, or even wrap-around sunglasses to protect you from direct exposure to the allergen. “Always wash your hands after exposure and, if possible, take a shower, making sure to wash your hair and rinse and gently wipe eyes and lids,” Dr. Ogden says. And if symptoms persist, you either need allergy medication or a visit to an allergist for allergy shots.


Your allergy medication impacts allergy symptoms
Photo: Stocksy/Harald Walker

3. Waiting too long to pop your meds

It may be tempting to hold off on taking medication until you absolutely need to, but Dr. Ogden cautions against this. “Not taking medications early enough or waiting until symptoms are very bad—or not taking them at all—can create a strong vicious cycle that can be hard to control.”

Compounded by environmental factors outside of your control, like cigarette smoke or a coworker’s perfume (which can further inflame your respiratory passages), waiting too long to treat your allergy symptoms can make it incredibly difficult to gain control over them. And no one wants to lug a tissue box around all spring. (It’ll hardly fit in your fanny pack.)

A vaccine for seasonal allergies could be on the horizon—here’s what you need to know. And did you know it’s totally possible to develop allergies as an adult?

Crimes Against Peeps, From ‘Peepza’ To Pancake-Flavored Chicks

People hate Peeps. Like, they really hate Peeps. But in a cruel twist of fate, people (or Peeple?) who love Peeps are the ones who end up doing the worst things to them every Easter.

Follow us down the dark rabbit hole of the internet for a few examples.

Crime No. 1: Peepza

Peepza is pizza topped with Peeps. It shouldn’t exist, and it definitely shouldn’t be as popular as it has become.

It was born from a joke made by Adam Kuban, the editor of Serious Eats’ now-dormant pizza blog called Slice. Slice published a tongue-in-cheek recipe for Peepza in 2010, but of course the internet gave it a life longer than it ever deserved to have.

Now every Easter, Peepza rears its ugly head and prompts an onslaught of social media reactions. It has become so mainstream, in fact, that even Martha Stewart let Peepza corrupt her pristine palate:

Crime No. 2: Terrible flavors

Some crimes against Peeps are actually committed by the company that makes them. The folks at Peeps have created some controversial flavors like Orange Sherbet Peeps dipped in fudge and Neapolitan Peeps filled with chocolate, which are essentially baby birds that squirt out brown goo when you squeeze them. But it gets worse. There are Party Cake Peeps, Cotton Candy Peeps and, perhaps worst of all, Pancakes & Syrup Peeps.

Crime No. 3: Shooting someone who’s wearing a vest made of Peeps

This one almost qualifies as an actual crime, because there’s a gun involved. Pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, who has a YouTube channel full of trick shots and other gun stunts, made a protective vest out of Peeps in 2016 and then fired at it to see how much damage the treats could take.

Crime No. 4: Burying your Peeps alive

Please don’t make this trifle. It’s just not OK.

Crime No. 5: Eating a food that’s indestructible

An editor at HuffPost left some Peeps on a desk for a year, and almost nothing happened. One week, the Peeps felt a little bit harder, but the next they’d feel a little softer.

And when it comes to tests about Peeps, this was on the unscientific end of the spectrum.

The worst crimes against Peeps are probably yet to be committed. We’ll find new, more upsetting ways to add them to dioramas, art projects and recipes; we’ll continue to impale them with sticks and allow them to ruin Oreos and bottles of wine.

But you can find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone if you want the madness to end:

How Long You Can Keep Leftover Ham?

Now, go eat your leftovers with confidence.

Fresh (uncured) ham, cooked
3-4 days in refrigerator, 3-4 months in freezer

Cured ham, cook-before-eating, after consumer cooks it
3-5 days in refrigerator, 1-2 months in freezer

Spiral-cut hams and leftovers from consumer-cooked hams
3-5 days in refrigerator, 1-2 months in freezer

Country ham, cooked
7 days in refrigerator, 1 month in freezer

Before they go bad, use your leftovers in these delicious recipes:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t want gifts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t be greeted with stacks of perfectly-wrapped boxes containing things like blenders and toasters immediately after saying “I do.” Instead, the couple is asking guests of the royal wedding to pay it forward by making a charitable donation.

According to a statement from Kensington Palace, the love birds are “incredibly grateful for the goodwill shown to them since the announcement of their engagement and are keen that as many people as possible benefit from this generosity of spirit.” Because of that, just like Prince William and Kate Middleton did, they’ve selected seven charities that target a range of issues, like women’s empowerment and the environment.

So if your wedding invite also got lost in the mail (can’t seem to find mine anywhere!), you can still be part of the big day—minus the live Spice Girls performance—by donating to one of these charities: CHIVA (Children’s HIV Association), Crisis (homelessness), Myna Mahila Foundation (sanitary pads for women), Scotty’s Little Soldiers (supports children who lost parents in military), StreetGames​ (uses sports to empower young people), Surfers Against Sewage (protects the oceans), The Wilderness Foundation UK (promotes benefits and enjoyment of nature).

Hopefully the royal duo’s humanitarian agenda continues to make an impact long into to their married life.

Here’s the healthy-ish spin Meghan Markle requested for her wedding cake. Or, here’s the two-a-day wellness practice that keeps her centered.